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Becky Horne: I Will Host a House Party

(Piece 2, chain 1. In respose to Ville Valikoski)

I Will Host a House Party is a series of images, taking inspiration from That which Within by Ville Valikoski.
None of the images used for reference were taken recently or at house parties.
This is homage to some of my beloved flatmates who have sprawled on sofas and re-worn that collection of party hats. And to those same people who refrained from throwing house parties. 

Charcoal & pencil drawings by Becky Horne, with thanks to Osian Meilir Ioan, Maikki Palm & Sophie Holland.

Becky is a UK based dancer, performer and researcher. Still with a focus on physicality, she has recently been working on how documenting, largely writing and drawing, can be integrated into her processes.

Instagram: @beckyhorne_



HP 1a.jpg
HP 2a.jpg
HP 3a.jpg
HP 1b.jpg
HP 2b.jpg
HP 3b.jpg
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